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A large community of Pakistani Tamils speakers exists in

There are currently sizeable Tamil speaking populations descended from colonial era migrants in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Mauritius, South Africa, Indonesia,[72] Thailand,[73] Burma, and Vietnam. A large community of Pakistani Tamils speakers exists in Karachi, Pakistan, which includes Tamil speaking Hindus[74][75] as well as Christians and Muslims including some Tamil speaking Muslim refugees from Sri Lanka.[76] Many in Runion, Guyana, Fiji, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago have Tamil origins,[77] but only a small number speak the language. In Reunion where the Tamil language was forbidden to be learnt and used in public space by France it is now being relearnt by students and adults.[78] It is also used by groups of migrants from Sri Lanka and India, Canada (especially Toronto), United States (especially New Jersey and New York City), Australia, many Middle Eastern countries, and some European countries..

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