Ought to think about it start with a handful of basic

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KnockOff Handbags The proliferation of armed attacks and the kidnapping of people for ransoms has instilled a climate of insecurity that has negated activities such as tourism and the action of state and non-state organizations to support the development efforts of these people. Progressively taking place in the Sahel alongside the National Defense and Security Forces (SDFs) integrate the local dimension of their mission and should to establish links with the authorities to reassure the populations and to make them accedea presence that is bound to continue given the complexity of the mission and realities
Here more than elsewhere in Niger, the security strategy is unlikely to be effective if it High Quality Fake Bags does not involve the populations local communities through their traditional organizations and society
These military deployments constitute an emergency response that provides quick answers to the immediate consequences of this
Moreover, as is increasingly called for by many voices and looking at the country’s best interests, the national political climate should be “The puzzle of migratory flows in the Sahel

The flight of African youth to” the European Eldorado “results as well insecurity, underdevelopment and the attraction magnified by the impact of the new
Thus, in Niger, the issue has become in recent years one of the major concerns of the authorities. Of Niamey under the combined pressure of the European Union and the security risk that this entails for the
The purely security approaches will always be negatively perceived by the local populations if they are not integrated in an overall approach that would take also consider their
The envisaged devices for the care in Niger of these flows of migrants risk to cringe more the populations if they do not bring clear answers to the questions related to the consequences of their
Even the close collaboration with traditional partners such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or the International Organization for Migration (IOM) would not be enough to counter harmful habits that significantly reduce the efforts of the State or the international community to help people
Remains the solution to renew them in their country of origin, where they will be supported by structures set up to manage theur reinsertion and ensure their support to economic projects that would allow them to consider a future at
Renovated development aid

and better controlled

It is now widely accepted that the long-term solution, to master these migratory phenomena, necessarily requires a better approach to development aid policies aimed at the countries of origin and transit of these countries. KnockOff Handbags

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